HEALING IBIZA REVITALISED – Inspiring the Imagination -  

HEALING IBIZA REVITALISED – Inspiring the Imagination Revitalise your soul and celebrate life on Sunday 8 May 2016
Healing Ibiza Revitalised
– Inspiring the Imagination -

“Revitalise your soul and celebrate life”
Sunday 8 May 2016, from 11.00 - 23.00 hrs
at Agroturismo Atzaró

Healing Ibiza is a heart centred, non-profit, registered association in Ibiza, Spain, set up to unite the healers of Ibiza in a community spirit, allow access to & raise awareness of healing, & raise individual & planetary consciousness. It was the first large scale spiritual gathering of its kind in Ibiza, with 10s of 1000s of visitors, over 1600 healing treatments & 41,000€ raised for Ibiza charities so far.

New life is being breathed into one of Ibiza’s favourite charity events by a new team of organisers.
Abi Fox is a life coach & soul empowerment mentor who awakened to her authentic self & higher purpose to transform the lives of others & help them live from the heart She is injecting new life into the workshops with more interaction & heartfelt authentic connection through exercises, dance, movement & aspects of meditation.

Esther Nicklin is a writer, journalist, editor, & the founder of media partner Awaken In Ibiza. She produces wellness, transformational & lifestyle content for print, websites, blogs & social media & has been writing & editing all Healing Ibiza Revitalised blogs & liaising with press. She worked in events for 15 years.

Lucia Diamond is a healer, intuitive, psychic & event manager/organiser from Psychic Retreats & the Garden of Light Ibiza. She is an abstract artist & one half of the performance art duo Luminescence Entertainment. She created the Healing Garden and Healing Immersion Zone & oversees creative aspects of the day.

Mogli is the founder & Creative Director of InMotion Entertainment & Artistic Director at The Zoo Project, supplying circus style shows, performances & productions for events. He is bringing together the island’s most interesting performers in uniquely styled shows, unusual spectacle & stimulating live art.

The new team are harnessing the power of their own imaginations to deliver the Imagination edition and Healing Ibiza Revitalised is also providing a community & resource pre & post event to keep those imaginations fired up & raise the collective consciousness.

The theme of this year's festival is “Imagination”, inviting visitors to imagine the world they want to create & raise their consciousness for personal & planetary healing with a full day program that includes: HEALING, YOGA, EMBODIMENT WORKSHOPS, WORKSHOPS 'INSPIRE', MEDITATION AREA, ENERGY ZONE, IMAGINATION ZONE, HEALING IMMERSION, CHILDRENS AREA, FAMILY CREATIVE, MUSIC & PERFORMANCE

Healing Ibiza Music:

the Ibiza House Orchestra, as Ibiza’s hottest new ticket - perform their first live concert on the island after a day of healing, music, art & performance. Just imagine the tingles from a 14 piece band playing everyone’s favourite classic house anthems at this multi-sensory festival, revitalised by new management this year.

Healing Ibiza Charities:
The charities AFFARES & Mojis Animal Sanctuary receive money donated at the door, a raffle supports Caritas, the Ibiza Preservation Fund, Food for Ibiza, Can Horse & Care 4 Cats Ibiza. AFFARES are the only association in the Balearics supporting people with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue; chemical electromagnetic sensitivity. Money raised goes to the Salud Activa project, combining pain management and group therapy, a self-help group, yoga, physiotherapy, aqua gym & conscious cooking.

Mojis’s currently home 240 animals including dogs, cats, a horse, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, birds, rabbits & ferrets. They rescue unwanted, uncared for & badly treated animals from atrocious situations, saving & re-homing those that are difficult to save. After 5 years in operation many animal shelters & fences need repairing, but much of the money will go on veterinary care & food.

Come enjoy this day to celebrate, imagine and create. Enjoy the healing energy, incredible sounds, glorious smells, beautiful smiles and Ibiza magic with holistic healing treatments, oracle readings, inspirational speakers, healing workshops, meditation, lots of wonderful music and a special kids area.

HEALING IBIZA 2016 program

Healing Ibiza schedule:

Healing Ibiza Revitalised opens at 11am with a soul stirring opening ceremony at 12am.
Healing, readings, coaching, creative & interactive workshops, live art & entertainment run until the closing ceremony at 8pm followed by the Ibiza House Orchestra until 11pm.

Healing starts as soon as visitors arrive with an instant cleanse & energetic reset.
100+ healers are healing mind, body & soul 1-on-1 in the lush new Healing Garden provided by Mother Nature, while the new Immersive Healing Zone & Market allows visitors to drop in, learn quick tips & experience group healings & workshops.

Further workshops & activities get the energy & creativity flowing to raise consciousness, including drum circles, ecstatic dance, coaching, tarot & oracle reading, an outdoor family creative zone, indoor kids area, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditations, live art, healing talks & workshops, movement workshops, delicious food & juices & the authentic Ibiza market.

Visitors can expect bigger festival vibes, with music programmed by percussionist Trace Harris & DJ Cloud J Deep of The Gathering, Ibiza’s alcohol free music jam, seamlessly blending electronic & live sounds for a smooth & uplifting vibe.

Ibiza House Orchestra take visitors on an epic musical journey from 9pm, through Ibiza’s favourite house anthems, performed by the island’s most talented musicians including MD & Drummer Mike Wake, and Nell Shakespeare & Alex O’Brien from the now disbanded Ibiza favourite, Rolling Soul.

Production & management team Backroom Productions have 25 plus years in the music industry working with Groove Armada, Labrinth, Neneh Cherry, INXS, Manic Street Preachers and more.

Mike Wake says: "It's a privilege to play Healing Ibiza at Atzaro, one of the biggest charity events on the island at one of the best venues. I'm so happy for us to perform at an event that gives something back to Ibiza whilst being surrounded by so many creative people. I can't wait to feel the positive energy that will be flowing from the moment the doors open, throughout the day & into the night. The Ibiza House Orchestra will inspire the imagination & minds of those in the audience to remember those euphoric dance floor moments so many of us have shared over the last 25 years. I imagine it will be the perfect end to another perfect Healing Ibiza event. See you on the dance floor for some live Healing House Music."


11.00 - 12:00 hrs - Cloud J Deep - Morning Wake Up
12:00 - 12:30 hrs Opening Ceremony - Join Carli Su-Su to open our day
12:30 hrs - Om Sen Kyo - A fusion of enchanting melodies and spiritual sounds from a world touring Japanese duo
13:30 hrs - AxleJam - Live Electro Modern Acoustic Chill Out combing high musicianship with modern technology for a most original musical experience
14:00 hrs - Aleah Phoebe Love - Island based singer/songwriter performing original vocal and piano compositions
​14:30 hrs - Poetry In Motion - Blending the original uplifting poetry of Justina with the beats from Trace & DJ Cloud
15:00 hrs - Flor Fernández Vińa - Cetacean Songs from the ocean of peace to unite our hearts in the dance
15:15 hrs - Mafalda Mas performing Kathak - A north Indian classical dance form, famous for its devotional aspect & its rhythmical Peters and shakers, presenting two dance pieces: a prayer to Saraswati the goddess of all arts & a musical composition showing the nuances of this beautiful art form.
15:30 - 15:45 hrs - Full Venue Meditation
15:45 - 16:45 hrs - Love Revolution - Melodic Classical inspired compositions that are entrancing atmospheric & moving.
​16:45 hrs - DJ Fluff - UK based DJ specialising in world chill-out music
.17:45 hrs - Missy I - An original piano & emotive vocal set from a French performance artist
18:30 hrs - Amayama - Fusing vocals and flamenco guitar with the worlds music vibe, this duo will provide a meditative and uplifting set.
19:15 hrs - Lili Maywa - Acoustic mantra set form a Belgian singer songwriter
20:00 hrs - Afronara - A journey from African roots music, movement & dance to connect with the heart.
​20:30 hrs - Raffle & Sunset Ceremony

21:30 - 10:30pm Ibiza House Orchestra - 14 piece orchestra playing Ibiza House Classics

10:30 - 11:30pm IBANGO - Live Music Jam featuring the finest musicians on the island!





13.00 hrs - Jean Philippe Goedvolk presents FREE HUMAN DESIGN DIET SESSIONS for all children & babies of Ibiza, and all those that need healing for digestion problems brain problems, diet problems, muscle problems, any problem....its all the DIET

 >> read all





Art is another form of healing and this year we bring to you our LIVE ART area showcasing Ibiza based artists.

14.00 - 16.00 hrs See the work of Violeta Galera, painter, muralist, illustrator, live painting show girl & video artist, come to live.

Roselin de Thélin, artist, creative coach and Humanist Art Therapist offers a variety of artistic tools and creative opportunities to support personal growth and interpersonal dynamics through verbal, non-verbal and metaphoric expression.
For Healing Ibiza she likes to create together, with who ever wants to join her, a participatory art piece with clay and natural materials. The piece will be called THE NEW EARTH and will be an opportunity for every one to symbolically plant seeds and wishes for the healing of the human community and the earth.





11.00 - 18.00 hrs - Come test, try and feel the difference of amazing all natural cosmetics and nature’s best Anti-Aging Cosmetics by Wild & Natural Ibiza Cosmetics





13.00 - 14.30 hrs THE TEMPLATE - Mini-Workshop by Jennifer Carmen @ Sance & Embodiment Area
 Workshop explaining and demonstrating how the sacred geometry used in The Template Ceremonies creates a permanent alchemical process of unfolding, embodiment, and transcendence within.




15.00 - 15.50 Workshop: Not-Self Deconditioning - or How to Become the Real You by Justus Paiewonsky

Using hypnosis with a focus on elementary aspects of Human Design, this workshop will demonstrate a simple method for de-conditioning, or neutralizing past programming that has led you to living in a way that is incompatible with your true nature.








Enjoy travelling to another dimension and discover how to connect to a different frequency through the miraculous Source Healing with Mathieu from Source Healing Ibiza in the Healing Garden






15.45 - 17.00 Full Body Kundalini Energy Orgasm demonstration & Information sharing , by Gosse Beerda and Michčle Geerling
- An introduction to understanding, healing & working with Kundalini Energy & Tantric & Shamanic Body De-armouring techniques.

Contact Healing Ibiza
HEALING IBIZA 2016 - 08-05-2016 at Atzaro.

A festival of healing, music and enlightenment. Raising awareness and inspiring the imagination for the transformation of ourselves, our island and our planet.

contact: Esther Nicklin - +34 665518925 - esther@healingibiza.com

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